Are you Private Instructor or Ensemble Director? Read on...a message from Stephen Colley, Developer of the Tuneup System
Fine intonation is an individual skill. No ensemble may exceed the skill of the individual player. The key, then, to fine ensembles is to fill it with players who have a good grasp of intonation skills. As a clinician, I often find that the mere "pointing out" of the pure interval and it's "feel" is enough to spur the individual player on to a higher level of intonation skills.

I would like to offer you the chance to "taste" what The Tuneup System can do and how easy it is to augment your studio and rehearsal with the System. I developed the System to address my own weaknesses. Having attended some very fine schools and performed with some pretty fine ensembles, I found that my own skills were too weak to lead a horn section. My grandpa always told me to "find a need and fill it". The result is The Tuneup System.

Using the System, my own skills skyrocketed, settling the issue of "either you're born with it or not and you can't improve on what nature gave you". (Yes, some neanderthals still believe this!) I shared the System with my horn section, then the winds and brass and found that they, too, made spectacular progress when provided the tools to do so. 

Talk is cheap! I'd would like to show you the effectiveness of Tuneup. Allow me to provide you with an abbreviated copy of the Tuneup System, free of charge, for you to examine and perhaps assign a student to use. Afterall, Tuneup is an individual self study meant to augment the studio. No more wasted lessons or rehearsal time on trying to build on skills that simply don't exist!

Shoot me an email telling me a bit about your studio or your program and I will send you an abbreviated copy of the System. If you would like to incorporate the System into your studio or ensemble, we will arrange a discount for the students of your school. Sound fair?

I am also available for clinics for a school wide program. Please contact me privately for information.

I look forward to hearing from you and showing you the effectiveness of The Tuneup System and the impact it will make on your program!

Stephen Colley
Tuneup Systems
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